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#1 through #9 will be visible from day 1, but will only be released for sale at the end of the season, at auction.
Then the NFT are released 3 by 3, as soon as the 3 previous ones have been bought, POP, the 3 following ones are visible and are available for sale !
*(If the 3 previous NFT are not purchased, the next 3 will be released after a maximum of 7 days. And if the line is bought very quickly, the minimum delay between the new ones is 24h.)

After season 1; 3 more seasons are planned:
Season 2: Stars, ski and hach
Season 3 : Run Bull (not sure)
Season 4 : Springfild


The price system adopted allows those who arrive first to benefit from a competitive price :)
The price is staggered, every 3 NFT, it increases according to a precise scheme. The price is multiplied by 1,3. 

On season 2: The first bid will be on the price from #22 to #24, and then the price will be multiplied at each release by 1.25, then 1.2 This system allows for a progressive and reasonable price increase.

tableau prix sans halfprice.png
evolution prix SAISON1 blanc nouveaux pr
evolution prix 4 saisons blanc nouveaux
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